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School Uniform

We want the children to be proud of the school they attend and we want to ensure no one is discriminated against for the clothes that they wear. For this reason we expect all children to wear a school uniform. The current uniform policy is summarised below and the full document may be found here.  


All the items are obtainable from: Mapac and can be ordered online.


Many of the items which do not have a logo can be obtained at most chain stores, online and at supermarkets. Only the PE T shirt and PE hoodie have the school logo.

To minimise the risk of your child dirtying their uniform during Art and Craft lessons, it is advisable to provide a ‘painting shirt’ or overall. (Painting shirts are easily adapted from a man's old shirt).

If there is any reason your child is unable to wear parts of the school uniform, parents/carers are expected to send in a letter or email of explanation to the school. This is to prevent children being questioned about what they are wearing and to save the school time in contacting parents/carers. Please contact the Headteacher if you have any difficulties regarding school uniform.

School Uniform 

Our school colours are maroon and grey.

  • Grey trousers or shorts (boys or girls) and black, grey or white socks NB. Trousers and shorts worn in school for uniform must be appropriate uniform style material and ‘cut’, not sportswear or fashion styles.

  • Grey school skirt or grey tunic dress Charcoal grey/ black woollen tights or charcoal grey or white socks. 

  • White shirt or blouse (long or short sleeved), which should be tucked in

  • Burgundy or grey v necked jumper or cardigan

  • School tie (burgundy and grey) which can be purchased from the school or from MAPAC.

  • In summer (from Easter to the end of the Summer term): pink and white gingham dresses

  • Black shoes or black trainers with no white/coloured soles or logos

Indoor and Outdoor P.E. Kit - Boys and Girls

Our school colours are maroon and grey.

  • Black PE shorts. No sports/fashion logos

  • Black tracksuit bottoms or leggings. No fashion/sports logos.

  • Burgundy hoodie with embroidered school crest for the winter months

  • Burgundy sports T-shirt with printed school crest

  • Sports Trainers with plain laces

P.E. Kits to be worn on P.E. days


Pupils with long hair must have it tied back with plain, small accessories/hair slides.


Hair gel or beads must not be worn in the hair.


Haircuts should not exceed a number two cut. This obviously means that shaved heads are not permitted.


Shaved heads or logos/lines cut into the hair are not permitted.


Any type of bleaching or colouring of the hair is not permitted.

Religious headgear

Pupils who wish to wear religious headgear are welcome to do so provided that the fabric is plain and in school colours of burgundy or grey. If parents are unable to obtain these colours then black or white are acceptable. 


Jewellery, Valuables & Mobile Phones

Jewellery should not be worn to school, with the exception of small plain gold/silver studs for pierced ears. These must be removed by the child for all P.E /Games lessons, unless newly pierced, when they must be completely taped over by the pupil themselves. Rings can be dangerous and must not be worn.  

Pupils are not permitted to bring valuables to school.  

Year 6 may bring mobile phones to school if they walk home unaccompanied, however written consent must be given from their parents.  The phone must be switched off and handed in to the class teacher at the start of the school day where they are kept in a safe in the classroom.  Phones are then returned to the pupils at the end of the school day.  For safeguarding reasons pupils are not allowed to use their phones until they are off the school premises.  The school cannot take responsibility for any phones not handed in. 


It is important that ALL clothing is clearly named to enable any lost property to be returned.  Any unclaimed unnamed lost property is disposed of at the end of each term


In these matters, parents' co-operation is greatly appreciated as we consider it part of the child's education to take pride in their appearance and have a sense of responsibility. We have a high standard at Newnham and this is due largely to the excellent support we have from parents.  Please contact the Headteacher if you have any difficulties regarding school uniform.

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