Internet Safety

  • Know what your children are doing online and who they are talking to.

  • Help your children understand that they should never give out personal details to online friends - this includes messenger id, email address, mobile phone number, school details, pictures of themselves or friends.

  • If your child receives spam/junk email and texts, remind them never to believe them, reply to them or use them.

  • It's not a good idea for your child to open files that are from people they don't know. They don't know what they may contain; it could be virus or an indecent image.

  • Help your child to understand that some people may lie online.  They should never arrange to meet anyone they have met online without an adult they trust.

  • Always keep communications open for a child to know that it's never too late to tell someone if something makes them feel uncomfortable.

  • Teach young people how to block someone online and report them.

Please click on the website links where you can get further advice and also report suspected cases.