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School Closures

In the event of severe snow, I would like to take this opportunity to remind you of the procedures in the event of school closure.  

1)    Assuming we are able to enter the school, we will contact those parents who have signed up to Schoolcomms by text.

2)    We will leave a message on the answerphone and please telephone 020 3745 6216 Option 9 to access this information. 

3)    The school website will be updated and please visit 

Alternatively, the Open Check Service could also be used as follows:-

Phone 020 8408 7508 and key in 312 2038 (the DCSF number for Newnham Juniors)
Click on the link below select Hillingdon and Newnham Junior School


Please bear in mind that the school could possibly be in a position whereby no staff could get in and therefore some of the above options could be reliant on remote access working properly.

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