The School Day

Arrival at School

School starts at 8.50am and is open to receive pupils from 8.40am.  No responsibility is accepted for children arriving at school before this time.  A member of staff is on the playground at 8.40am and will blow a whistle to indicate when children can enter the school building.  They will also be available to take any quick messages for teachers from parents.  Any children arriving after 8.50am should be accompanied to the School Office to be signed in.  We cannot allow parents in the school building at this time for health and safety reasons.   Any parent who wishes to see the class teacher personally should contact the school office and an appointment to see the relevant member of staff will be made as soon as possible.

Adventure Playground

Children are not permitted to use any of the playground equipment before or after school.  No ball games are allowed before or after school..


If your child is late for school that means after registration time, you must enter the school via the Reception/Office at the front of the school and register your child as late.

Timings for the School Day

End of Day Procedures

Children finish lessons at 3:20 pm and are sent out to the playground by their class teacher.  If whoever is collecting your child is not in the playground, the children are advised to wait with the member of staff on duty (usually a member of the Leadership Team) and, if they are not subsequently collected, they will be taken to the School Office. 

  1. If you know you are going to be late, please telephone the School Office on 020 3745 6216 by 3:10pm at the latest.  We will then ensure that your child does not go into the playground but waits for you in reception.

  2. If you see someone else’s child in the playground that hasn’t yet been collected please do not take them home, even if you know the parent, as this can cause distress for the child, whoever was meant to be collecting them, and for us in establishing their whereabouts.  In these circumstances, please ask the child to return to the School Office.