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Admissions & Parent Visits


Admissions to the Junior School are the responsibility of the Local Authority (Hillingdon).  If you would like your child to attend Newnham Junior School then please click on the link to access the local authority admission arrangements.

Arrangements for parents to visit the school prior to entry

​The majority of entrants to the school transfer from Newnham Infant & Nursery School. Having close contact with the Infant & Nursery School helps to ensure continuity and means that prospective parents have the opportunity to become familiar with the Junior School at shared educational evenings, or during Open Evenings at the Junior School.  However before the Infant children transfer to the Junior School in September, a meeting for new parents is held.


If it can be arranged, the teachers of the new intake and the Welfare Officer are present. Children show visiting parents around the school while it is in session. The meeting is used to:-


  • Welcome new parents to the school;

  • Advise them how to help their children to prepare for entry to the school;

  • Outline the general aims of the school and its curriculum;

  • Talk about general routine and school policies;

  • Reply to questions raised by parents.


After the more formal part of the meeting, refreshments are served, and the Headteacher, staff and Welfare Officer are available to talk to individuals. Of course, any parent is always welcome to request an interview to discuss the school or their child, either prior to entry, or at any time afterwards.


For parents of children joining the school other than by transfer from the Infant & Nursery School, an appointment is made to see them, when the school and its policies are discussed. The parents will be shown round the school and will hopefully be introduced to their child's new teacher. If possible, the child comes to school with the parents, so that they too can meet their new teacher and class.

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