Through our actions within the school we hope that we encourage positive behaviour from the pupils. Staff do not ignore bad behaviour, and place a high level of importance on good behaviour. The school is organised in such a way that good behaviour is expected. During the school year, merit assemblies are held which celebrate the successes within the school. They are very positive occasions and help to instil a sense of pride in the children, both of themselves and their school. We also have a house system, and house points are awarded by the staff. This system is well supported by the children, who are keen to gain house points. House sporting competitions are also arranged throughout the school year. At the end of the summer term Y6 pupils are presented with a 'Leavers Folder', which again reinforces success rather than failure. We have a School Council, consisting of two children from each class who are elected by their peers, to serve for half the school year. They meet with a member of the leadership team each week to discuss topical issues.


The children are given reasons behind any rules we make and they are given the responsibility of trying to influence one another in maintaining overall discipline in the school, as well as exercising self-discipline. At times when children are badly behaved, a number of sanctions are used to make them see the error of their ways. They will always be asked to apologise for what they have done and to write an account explaining what they have done. They may also be asked to write an account showing what they could have done to avoid getting into trouble. For very young children, or children with poor language skills, the account may be recorded in pictorial form. If the child persistently offends then a record of the offences is kept by the headteacher and parents are informed.