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The school strives to provide a caring ethos where everyone in the school community feels safe, confident, valued and respected. To do this, it is vital that we have high standards of behaviour at Newnham. This involves recognising and celebrating good behaviour alongside addressing any unacceptable behaviour so that pupils can learn from their mistakes and that parents are kept well informed.


Celebrating positive behaviour

These are the key ways in which positive behaviour is recognised, valued and celebrated at Newnham.

  • Verbal praise

  • House Points which can be viewed at home and shared with parents

  • Merit certificates given out weekly during our merit assembly

  • Earning a leaf for the 5Rs (encouraging pupils to be respectful, reliable, resourceful, reflective and resilient)

  • Sending pupils to the Head Teacher or a member of the Leadership to share achievements

  • Class teachers contacting parents to share achievements


Addressing unacceptable behaviour

Unacceptable behaviour is not ignored and we place high importance on supporting the child to improve along with keeping parents informed. To ensure consistency, the school’s Positive Behaviour Policy is followed by all staff and this can be found here. The policy outlines actions and consequences applied for different stages of behaviour and is reviewed at least annually by staff and governors. In addition to this, we keep a behaviour log which is viewed weekly by the Head Teacher. 

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