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Leading Parent Partnership

We are working towards the Leading Parent Partnership Award to build on the very good relationship we already have with Newnham families. We are using this opportunity to look for ways to further support parents and carers, thereby improving children's progress and opportunities too.


We are proud of what is already going well, such as:


  • Regular parent meetings and coffee mornings  to offer support and information on different areas such as metacognition, mental health, ASC and E-safety.

  • Opportunities for parents to learn with their children, such as the Science Fair, Year 3 Museum and the Reading Cafe.

  • Supportive parents and carers who are keen to work with us to help their children achieve, by attending parents' evenings, helping children with their homework, making sure their children have good attendance and promoting a positive attitude to learning.

  • Regularly informing parents/carers of their children’s progress through interim reports, parents evenings and end of year reports as well as contacting parents/carers with concerns so that we can work together to support children’s progress.

 We have also identified some key goals which we are working on this academic year:

We are always looking for ways to improve and if you would like to make any suggestions please let get in touch.

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